Tweet Me A Story

May 27, 2009    

I just submitted my entries for the Tweet Me A Story contest. Basically, each author had five hours to write up to three stories that contained no more than 140 characters. To make sure the stories were written in the time frame, each author was assigned a word that had to be included in the story. My word was dive.

I found it hard to narrow it down to three, but here are the stories that I ended up not submitting.

  • The third time Jimmy stood on the board, his mother yelled “dive!” while the other kids chanted “chicken!” Turns out the latter were right.
  • “Silent running be damned, dive!” Captain Harris exclaimed. He was in the sub but still ducked as they narrowly cleared the rocks over head.
  • By typo-ing the word “dive” in a blog post, the director mistakenly led fans of Die Hard to believe a fifth movie was in the works.
  • I never expected her to dive into the dessert. Getting engaged in the ER after her stomach was pumped wasn’t the memory I was hoping for.
  • While in Cancun, a dive into shallow water put Jim in the hospital. After waking from a coma, he learned that his missed plane had crashed.
  • While a stunning example of next-gen graphics, the dolphin video game was horrible. Jump from the water, click, whistle, and then dive in.
  • After a minnow flopped into her low-cut top and a gull decided to dive after it, Peggy resolved that fishing was for the birds.
  • In retrospect, “dive right in” was bad advice to give to the new guy hired to monitor the acid vat. I’m stuck interviewing candidates again.
  • When asked to explain why I would dive from the car, I was too embarrassed to admit that I had lost my job and that dollar equaled dinner.
  • During the audition was probably not the best time for the dancer to dive off the stage and profess their love for the celebrity judge.
  • Moments before taking a dive, the boxer looked at the thug sitting behind his wife. Her life was worth more to him than a shot at the title.
  • A hefted gym bag and mumbled “I’m on the dive team” was all it took to get past the guard. Little did he know I was there to rob the school.