Game Chef 2010 in Retrospect

December 12, 2010    

It’s been awhile coming, but I meant to post to say that my little game, Pub Crawl, was selected as a finalist in the Game Chef 2010 “create a roleplaying game” contest. I would have posted earlier but, by the time I found out I was in it, the final round was half over. It was deflating how poorly the time frame was communicated to the participants; as far as I can tell, the only way to have known was to keep checking the website at periodic intervals an update.

That being said, winning wasn’t the point. Since the final round was a popularity contest, it favored people established within that community. I still got the experience of creating a game, testing it a little, getting other gamers to look at it, and then laying out a PDF. I learned that when I do write another game and decide to publish it, I’ll definitely want to work with someone who’s good at layout design.

At this point, I’m planning to play the game with a few different groups of people to get their feedback. If I learn something interesting about the way it plays, I’ll definitely release a revised version here.