Game Chef 2012 Review: Coyote Won’t Talk

April 19, 2012    

Coyote Won’t Talk by Morgan Stinson
Four Masks will make us Fox, Dog, Wolf and Coyote. A flashlight will be our lantern. Gathered around the fire at the end of the world, we will watch the stars go out and decide what the best thing about people was. Coyote won’t talk. Mostly.

Overall, I really liked this game. It reminds me of a skit you might see on Who’s Line Is It Anyway? It’s improv with a few basic rules and emphasizes the go-with-it concept of “Yes, and…”. The only downside I see is that, for players who aren’t familiar with improv or pure story games, they might be a little lost for what to say. Without an experienced player to lead them by example, an “actual play” transcript in the rules would be helpful.

In terms of Game Chef, this game made good use of the ingredients. Three of the ingredients were used literally but didn’t feel forced or bolted on. The fourth, doctor, was incorporated based on its etymology, making the fox more like Doc from Snow White than House or Doogie Howser. The theme was there but not integral to the game; I could imagine a dog and wolf chatting about what makes humans good or bad even with humans still around. It could be the plot of movie where a dog gets stuck in the zoo and tries to convince the other animals that humans are swell.

Finally, the layout, art, and finishing details really add to this game. Kudos for taking the extra time and effort.