Game Chef 2012 Review: Coyote’s Winter

April 21, 2012    

Coyote’s Winter by Mael Rimbault
The characters are the last Coyotes, struggling to survive and adapt to human environment.

This game has a fascinating theme where the characters, coyote spirits, are forced to decide between losing bonds with the humans they know and becoming more human themselves. Both are seemingly unhappy endings so it’s up to the players to maintain a balance. Character creation is loosey-goosey with a very open traits system and conflict resolution is equally simple and vulnerable to GM fiat. In my opinion, it’d work well playing with friends and not so much at a convention or something like that.

In terms of Game Chef, Coyote’s Winter heavily embraces the coyote and mimic ingredients. Lanterns and doctors are included as part of the setting with the latter feeling added just to satisfy the rules; the evil overlords could have easily been called Big Brother or the Combine instead of the Doctors. The theme is present but not as time-sensitive as originally described — it feels like the players could enjoy a long and winding campaign in this game.

As a final note, Mael opened with an apology for his English given that it is not his native language. However, I found the text very easy to read and understand.