Game Chef 2012 Review: One Last Night

April 19, 2012    

One Last Night (+ chart) by Abram Bussiere
Ritual GMless drinking RPG about characters on the cusp of an apocalypse pursuing their final desires.

Bucket List — The Drinking Game

One Last Night sets the stage for four or five characters to make a list of things they want to accomplish before the end of the world. Despite the name, these are tasks that can be accomplished in about a week. On each player’s turn, the other players represent the competing items on the list and attempt to entice the player in to working towards the goal they advocate for. Only one player will finish their whole list so everyone has to think carefully about what’s most important to their character.

In my opinion, that game sounds awesome. However, it’s hard to find in the One Last Night rules. The instructions, especially early on, are hard to understand. But even more frustrating, is a list of very, very specific rules that seem to have no purpose. For example, each player must have one mixed drink for each other player in the game; the rules say that each drink must be of a different type. But why? It doesn’t seem to matter. Similarly, the rules are very strict about not talking out of turn but I’ve never known a drinking game that didn’t devolve into giggling, banter and gabbiness.

In a similar vein, the inclusion of some of the Game Chef ingredients feel unnecessary. The lights are to be turned out with only a dim lantern lighting the room, but the author’s example apocalypse is Atlantis. Not really the setting you think of needing mood lighting. The drinking game aspect seems to be an abstract combination of two Forge threads but I honestly wish the author had stuck the original idea of a pile of paperclips instead of liquor.

All in all, I think this draft is a great start. My recommendation to the author would be to go back and pull out the parts added to satisfy the Game Chef rules and then decide if this is a serious or humorous game. Mood lighting and a talking stick = serious; mixed drinks and shots = humorous.