Game Chef 2012 Review: To Put Things Right

April 21, 2012    

To Put Things Right by Antti Lax
Realising that he is living his past again, Doctor begins his Last Chance to save his beloved and Put Things Right. A storytelling game for one player and up to three narrators.

This game combines Choose Your Own Adventure with Groundhog Day to make an interesting little storytelling device. Our main character, the Doctor, has a limited amount of influence and can only change so much each day.

The game isn’t really setup, however, to allow the players to continue reliving one day until they get an ending (spoiler: not all the endings are happy ones). Unlike in the movies, the director here can’t opt to skip the scenes we’ve already seen and aren’t worth watching again. To Put Things Right only has twelve scenes and it’s likely most of them will be touched upon in one play through.

Note: After reading through the rules a few times, I’m still not 100% sure what order the scenes go in — sometimes you’re told what scene comes next, other times it is left very open ended.

In terms of Game Chef, I feel like the Groundhog Day concept really robs us of the last chance theme. Theoretically, the doctor has unlimited chances to set things right as long as they don’t spend the last of their resources. However, as I mentioned above, the nature of a story telling game with limited, predetermined scenes does sort of enforce the “might only be played once” idea. Finally, the ingredients themselves have little to no bearing on the game. As you can see, the words were used to name the characters (The Doctor) but I can’t see any reason why. The character isn’t an MD or anything similar; perhaps it’s loosely based on Dr. Who? But I really feel like this game could have been created entirely without the ingredients and ended up in exactly the same spot.