Immortal Relationships

May 01, 2012    

While reviewing one of the Game Chef entries, I came up with an initial idea for a new game. It’s also inspired by the lyrics to Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen.

Who wants to live forever?
Who dares to love forever?
When love must die?

I see this playing out as a card game where the player is an immortal of one sort or another — vampire, highlander, etc. The cards themselves represent people the immortal has relationships with, whether that’s a business associate, significant other or friend. There would be a per-card count down timer that would represent the length of that relationship. Each turn, those timers would tick down and, eventually, the cards would get removed from play. This could signify that the person has died, drifted out of touch, or has otherwise lost touch with the immortal. This mechanic is meant to represent the turnover of people during the long life of an immortal.

I’m missing the goal, however. I was thinking that each relationship could provide resources (money, weapons, influence) and that each player would have a different victory condition. Maybe one immortal is trying to become king (influence) while another wants to be the “godmother” of organized crime (weapons). I’m not sure if the varied win conditions would hinder strategy.

Other random but not fleshed out ideas:

  • Tax a relationship to get more resources this turn but quickly reduce the timer.
  • The ability to lengthen a relationship or shorten that of another player.
  • The immortal enters torpor if they burn through too many relationships.