Crush Them All by Godzilab
March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bosses and free the princess.

Crush Them All by Godzilab

July 12, 2019    

March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bosses and free the princess in the epic IDLE role-playing game, Crush Them All.

Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes, find powerful artifacts and progress in this never-ending journey even while taking a break!

– description from the publisher

Why It’s Neat


There’s a lot of mobile games that force you to pay to play in one way or another – either through up front payment, forced ads, or microtransactions. Crush Them All, however, doesn’t require any of these. You can choose to watch ads to get in game currency (Flooz) but it’s a choice. You can choose to buy heros and Flooz with real money but, again, it’s a choice.

The important part is that you can choose to play without watching ads or spending money. You’ll get Flooz every few days as the login reward! And don’t forget that you can always get free upgrade medals for your Rare heroes, just by asking your guild for help.

Continous Improvement

Like many idle clicker games, there’s a steep curve in how long it takes to advance. For example, the first shop in your village generates gold every second and only needs to be upgraded 50 times to work automatically without clicking. But just a short while later, you’ll find the Cartographer which needs 15 minutes to generate gold and then Shipwright that needs to be upgraded 100 times.

However, there’s so many ways to upgrade your heroes in Crush Them All that you can still make progress every day. Heroes have permanent levels, evolution stars, awakened stars, weapon levels, weapon runes, etc. With very little planning, you can bump up the power of one of your heroes a bit each day; meaning your Max Stage Reached will increase each day.

Rotating Events

Throughout the week, there’s different events happening each day. Some days you’ll be summoned to fight the Mad King with your guild mates, the next day you’ll be challenging other players in a duel, and other days focus on the arena, giving boosted power to certain heroes like your mighty magicians. And as a special treat, there’s also events that offer bonus currency for doing regular in game tasks like dungeon delves and expeditions.

Addicting. Even though you progress while offline you want to keep playing.

– Kyle Granger

Our Rating: Neat!

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