Stuffed by Certifiable Studios
Gather your team. Complete your Mission. Save your soul. It all Hangs by a thread.

Stuffed by Certifiable Studios

July 12, 2019    

Gather your team. Complete your mission. Save your soul. It all hangs by a thread.

Stuffed is a 2-4 player game where players roll dice to match combinations that earn cards, earn coins, and recruit Teammates to give you more options to use during your turn.

Use coins to recruit or steal Mercenaries, or to buy cards to help you along the way. Be the first player to complete the Mission card to win!

– description from the publisher

Why It’s Neat

The Art!

I backed Stuffed on Kickstarter based on the artwork and art style alone. I knew my wife would love bright, ragged dolls and sad bunnies. The characters pictured on each card are distinct, emotive, and endearing. The grim tone of the lore makes the impact all the more powerful.

Simple to Learn

If you can play Yahtzee! you can play Stuffed. Players roll dice, form combos, and push their luck, hoping for the perfect roll.

Interesting Strategy

Unlike Yahtzee! however, the rolls aren’t the end of the story. You use your dice as the currency to purchase new cards as well as activating abilities on your existing cards. You’ll have to make wise decisions about which cards to buy in hopes of leveraging them later and which you’ll need to finish the mission.

Any game that you can learn and play in 30 minutes is a treat. They took a game of pure chance and added several layers of fun strategy.”

– Ryan F.

Our Rating: Neat!

Official Link: Stuffed by Certifiable Studios